Animal Adoptions

Animal Adoptions At Finkley

Support Finkley by adopting an animal. Adoption Packages are available to help support all of our animals. If you know someone who loves animals, these make a great gift!

Your adoption will contribute towards the cost of enrichment, food, bedding and veterinary checks during these difficult times.

Each adoption lasts for one year and can easily be renewed online. All you need to do is to decide which group of animals you wish to adopt.

What Do You Get?

You will receive an adoption box which will include the following:
  • A quality cuddly toy of your animal
  • A certificate of Adoption
  • A day out at the farm for 2 people
  • A personalised “Thank you” video from one of our team and the animals of your choice
  • A fridge Magnet
  • A postcard
  • A storybook
  • A Finkley pencil

Choose From The Following Groups Of Animals

Horses & Ponies



Llamas & Alpacas





Guinea Pigs