Brand Assets

Brand & Styling

Please follow these guidelines to deliver on-brand designs and keep the integrity of our brand.

In 2023 we modified our branding to be lighter and more modern. Please ensure you use these assets.

When in doubt about your use of any Finkley brand elements, please contact us at for clarification.


Download links include logos in .PNG, .PDF, .SVG, and .EPS vector formats.

Dark Logo

For use on light backgrounds

Light Logo

For use on dark backgrounds


Our primary palette is at the core of our brand identity and should be used for any static or one-off, brand-focused executions.



Accent 1


Accent 2


Accent 3


Accent 4









We only use Google Open Source Fonts that are available to download freely.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


Used for Headlines

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


Used for Body Copy

Preparations are in full swing to prepare the farm for the Christmas season. While some animals may temporarily occupy different enclosures, visitors can still locate them in various areas throughout the farm.