Wildlife & Conservation

November 2021

The Gardener stumbled across this beautiful bumblebee keeping warm in the begonias. It was safely relocated to the nearby Wildlife Corner.

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October 2021

Remember the turquoise toadstools from last year? There are back… Verdigris agaric are thriving in the leaf litter this year in Wildlife Corner.

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September 2021

These clouds are amazing! We had to ask a weatherman the name of them – the answer was: altocumulus castellanus (turret-like), caused by unstable moist

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August 2021

Farmer Caroline and Farmer Anna carry out some much-needed maintenance work in the overgrown Wildlife Corner and pond. Nettles and goosegrass that were taking over

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July 2021

Scarlet Tiger Moth spotted in Wildlife Corner. Just look at those colours – you can see a glimpse of scarlet under the wings.

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