Wildlife & Conservation

Wildlife & Conservation

Do you have the makings of a wildlife warden? Visit our Wildlife Corner to discover how you can help look after the environment and the many animals, birds and insects that live all around us. You can also keep up to date with what’s happening at Finkley by following our conservation diary.

Wildlife Pond – Come along to the wildlife pond and see if you have what it takes to be an amphibian detective. Learn top tips on pond dipping and how to make a pond dipping net.

Bat Boxes – Discover where the bats live high up in their Bat Boxes and find out how you could make a home for bats where you live too.

Bird Hide – Head to the Bird Hide where you can grab a pair of binoculars and see what birds you can spot. Find helpful hints on how to build a nest box for your garden.

Bug World – Try and find all the different places that bugs like to hang out. Take a closer look as there’s three to find – Bug Garden, Bug Hotel and Bug Pile.

Finkley Conservation Diary


December 2022

Farmer Laura has been helping Andover Trees with another tree planting project.


November 2022

A great view of a Red Kite passing over!


October 2022

It is conker time! The Horse-Chestnut trees have put a lot of energy in to making these seeds since flowering in the spring.


September 2022

A Common Blue butterfly (Polyommatus icarus) rests on the wild grasses in Wildlife Corner. 


August 2022

The Orchard has been very productive this year. There are so many plums! The bees must have worked very hard when pollinating the fruit trees!


July 2022

This lazy Rook is hitching a ride on the back of Nelly the Pygmy Goat. It is probably hanging around for some food if the goats don’t eat it all!