Keeping Safe at Finkley Down Farm

Strict supervision of children in your care is essential at all times.

Important Health & Safety Points

  1. Some farm animals may carry a number of infections that can be harmful to humans. It is essential that you adhere to the following hygiene precautions:
    • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after leaving animal contact areas, before eating and drinking and after touching footwear.
    • It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to supervise the washing of their children’s hands to ensure it is done thoroughly.
    • Sanitising Hand gels and wipes DO NOT provide adequate protection alone. They are not a substitute for thorough hand-washing.
    • DO NOT eat or drink in or around the animal enclosures. Please use the designated picnic areas.
    • DO NOT eat anything that has fallen on the floor or allow children to put their fingers in mouths.
    • DO NOT kiss animals nor allow children to put their faces near the animals.
  2. Pregnant women should avoid contact with sheep, lambs, goats, goat kids and cattle.
  3. Please DO NOT feed horses, pigs, donkeys or rabbits. The animal feed purchased from the farm shop can be fed to the goats, sheep, alpacas and cattle.
  4. DO NOT tease or chase any animals, including the farm dog.
  5. In an emergency evacuation, please leave the buildings in an orderly manner via the safest route and gather in the car park, overflow car park or by the nursery if the railway bridge is affected.
  6. First Aid is available at the Gift Shop, Playbarn or Tearoom. Please report all accidents and near misses to a manager.
  7. Please report any lost children to the nearest member of staff.